I am writing an enterprise application which will have several dozen 'modules'. The menu bar is used for several purposes.

  1. To hold an index to all the modules
  2. To contain 'extra' functionality for each module
  3. To allow users to navigate to other important pages (help pages, etc.)

To accomplish this, I created a 'static' application menu which contains #1 and #3. This menu is included as a javascript file within each page. When you go to the index page, for example, you can navigate to any page in the application (based on security) or use the help. There are, however, no 'actions' or 'functions' that can be performed. In these cases, the Action and Function are blank.

When a user selects a module, such as Inventory Maintenance, the Actions Menu and Functions menu need to be populated with items which are relevent for that particular module. In some cases, the menu item may need to be disabled based on where the user is or what they are doing (this was the disabled issue which you already answered)

I hope this answers your question.